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The Special is a horror film based on the cult novella of the same name by Mark Steensland and James Newman. The story follows a man named Jerry who, due to infidelity, is led down a dark rabbit hole into a nightmarish landscape of addiction. The film had its exclusive world premiere at SF Indie Fest on January 31, 2020.[1]


Jerry suspects his wife is having an affair. When his buddy, Mike, tells him that the best revenge is revenge, he promises to deliver with The Special. The steps down this pathway transcend addiction and take one man into a personal nightmare.



  • Dave Sheridan as Mike
  • Sarah French as Lisa
  • Janae Palmer as Syn
  • Christina DiNicolo as Erin
  • Paul Cottman as Det. Barnes
  • Davy Raphaely as Jerry
  • Sheri Fairchild as The Cleaning Lady
  • Susan Moses as Madame Zhora
  • Wayne Shearer as Mort
  • Aleksandra Svetlichnaya as Nada
  • Doug Henderson as Ivan
  • Tony Barber as Motel Manager
  • Nic Detorie as Dick
  • James Young as Frank The Guard
  • Michael Aldinger as Roth



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