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Hang Men is a danger reality show produced by Class of '85 and Emergence Entertainment that documents people who climb telecommunications towers for a living. It debuted March 14, 2014 on Discovery Channel.


Hang Men is the first docudrama that explores the most dangerous job in America - building, climbing and maintaining communication towers. With more deaths per capita than any other industry, the job attracts a colorful array of extreme personalities who heroically erect and maintain the world’s communication tower infrastructure: a perilous profession with virtually no rules.


  • Michael Marc Friedman as Narrator
  • Alex Paleski as Himself - John's Son
  • John Paleski as Himself - Owner
  • Sean 'Diddy' Combs as Himself - Tower Climber
  • Jen Pluese as Herself - Tower Climber
  • Jessie as Himself - Tower Climber
  • 40 Watt as Himself - Foreman
  • Cain as Himself - Tower Climber


The Climb

Tensions run high for John Paleski and his crew. Fighting tight deadlines and a slew of setbacks, it's a battle with gravity to complete two risky antenna installations.