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Cynema is the title of a blog run by Harrison Smith, which later inspired an accompanying podcast of the same name. On it, he takes a hard look at the relationship between cynicism and the entertainment industry. On January 28, 2020, the podcast became sponsored by streaming platform DarkMatter TV.[1]


Harrison defines Cynema as the cynical contempt for an audience by making product that is devoid of creativity, passion, and respect for production value, while having the financial and creative means to do better. The podcast was inspired by the blog which was inspired by the movie Jaws the Revenge.


Episode 1: What Is Cynema?

Read the Blog: Cynema

"Jaws the Revenge" inspired the blog which inspired the podcast. Find out why and cynicism's impact on our entertainment.

Episode 2: Jaws the Worst

Read the Blog: Jaws the Worst

"Jaws the Revenge" is not only the worst movie ever made, but defines cynicism in filmmaking.

Episode 3: Jaws 3-D: The Third Dimension Is Cynema

Read the Blog: Jaws 3D: The Third Dimension Is Cynema

Is "Jaws 3-D" all Cynema or did some of the people involved intend to make a good film and just missed the target? A look at how the film was made and its release strategy.

Episode 4: Godzilla vs. Cynema

Read the Blog: Godzilla vs. Cynema

Does Godzilla King of the Monsters qualify as Cynema? Special call-in guest, Mr. Cynic says so. Let's see.

Episode 5: When Filmmakers Strike Back

Read the Blog: When Filmmakers Strike Back

Do filmmakers have the right to respond directly to misinformed "reviews" or ignorant comments, and just what constitutes a "review" these days?

Episode 6: The Tucky Williams Interview

Filmmaker and actress, Tucky Williams of "Girl/Girl Scene" gives one hell of an interview that chronicles her fight with Amazon and vitriolic comments that got her film removed from the media giant. You have to hear it to believe it.

Episode 7: Critical Thinking

Read the Blog: Critical Thinking

Smith reviews a review of his first film, "The Fields" as an example of when reviewers come at a filmmaker and just plain get shit wrong. It's not about liking or disliking, it's about knowing what you're talking about.

Episode 8: Remakes Or Repackagings?

Read the Blog: Who Ya Gonna Call Out?

Are remakes inherently cynical or bad or is it something else that causes such strong backlash to when a remake is announced? Smith looks at the cynical practice of "repackaging" - a hybrid between a sequel and remake.

Episode 9: The Hilton Ruiz Interview

Indie filmmaker Hilton Ruiz talks "Zombie With A Shotgun" and gives fantastic advice and inspiration to anyone out there dogging this filmmaking dream and fighting the cynicism that comes with it.

Episode 10: What Do You Got?

The question YOU as a filmmaker should be asking back to potential financiers and executives. This episode looks how cynicism can grow from being jerked around in this industry. Know the difference between "love" and a good fucking.

Episode 11: Friday The 13th Got Lucky

Read the Blog: Friday the 13th Gets Lucky

The time and era a film is made is imperative to its success or failure. Cynema looks at the slasher genre within historical context and why a number of reboots have stumbled, specifically with the Friday the 13th series.

Episode 12: When Remakes Have Nothing To Say

Read the Blog: Fright Night or…Why Remake When You Can Retitle?

What happens when a remake is devoid of the historical context of its original? We look at 1985's Fright Night and its 2011 remake for answers.

Episode 13: An Open Letter to New Line "Cynema": Fix "Friday the 13th"

Read the Blog: An Open Letter to New Line “Cynema”: Take A Stab At Something Different

How do you make the venerated horror franchise relevant again? You bring back Corey Feldman, that's how. Listen to Harrison's pitch session to New Line Cinema and Paramount and find out why.

Episode 14: Hollywood Bullshit and the Cool Kids Lunch Table

Indie filmmakers go through a lot of bullshit. From start to finish and getting your stuff out there, it's all part of trying to find a seat at the Hollywood Cool Kids lunch table. So what do you do when you're approached by some real bullshit, especially if it means advancing your own career?

Episode 15: Film Dysmorphia & The Suspension of Disbelief

Read the Blog: Suspension of Disbelief in Film Dysmorphia

Has CGI and green screening changed the way we view and process our entertainment? The term "dated" gets thrown around a lot but when stripped of context, films are seen from a very distorted view.

Episode 16: Dread Central's Michelle Swope Interview

Horror film writer and reviewer, Michelle Swope talks horror, CGI, where the genre is going, what she's seeing coming across her desk and...A Nightmare on Elm Street provides a therapy session.

Episode 17: Friends Don't Let Friends Option Bad Scripts

Read the Blog: All Work And No Play Makes “The Shining” A Dull Film

What happens when a friend and fellow filmmaker options a bad script and asks your opinion? Also how does Harrison connect this script to The Shining? Listen and find out.

Episode 18: Is George Lucas the Phantom Menace?

Read the Blog: Is George Lucas the Phantom Menace?

George Lucas gets a lot of grief, but how much is deserved? What do Superfans, Disney, and the industry have to do with any of it it Cynema?

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