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Class of '85 is an independent film and television production company founded by people who love movies. Period. Whether horror, drama, or comedy, it's about entertainment and the belief that low budgets don't have to mean low expectations.

The company has produced seven feature films to date, as well as three television shows. The first four features were shot for under one million dollars. All contained solid name value which helped achieve successful domestic and foreign distribution on all platforms.

Their most recent film, titled The Special, follows a man named Jerry, who suspects his wife is having an affair. When his buddy, Mike, tells him that the best revenge is revenge, he promises to deliver with "The Special". The steps down this pathway transcend addiction and take one man into a personal nightmare.

The Special had its exclusive world premiere at SF Indie Fest on January 31, 2020.

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The podcast inspired by the blog that was inspired by Jaws the Revenge. On it, Harrison takes a look at the effects of cynicism on our entertainment. Read the blog and have a listen to the podcast below!

Harrison Smith

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Harrison Smith is a filmmaker from Pennsylvania and the director of Class of '85. He has worked to create his own “brand” of genre filmmaking: layered characters and intelligent storylines fused with high production value on modest budgets.