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360 Degrees of Hell is a virtual reality short spinoff of Harrison Smith's cult hit 6 Degrees of Hell. The short stars Amanda Wyss and Lauren Compton and was shot on location at a real Halloween haunted establishment, The Hotel of Horror, in Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania. Acquired by Samsung Entertainment, the event is able to be viewed for free on YouTube or downloaded as an app from Apple or Android.


Sisters Kelly and Jamie investigate a Halloween haunt where murders took place years before in search of their missing brothers. Their virtual reality tour brings them in direct contact with an entity that may be friend or foe, but leads them through the rooms of a building that has seen death many, many times.



  • Amanda Wyss as Kelly
  • Lauren Compton as Jamie
  • Susan Moses as Mary
  • Brent Lewis as Caretaker


  • The Hotel of Horror is a real place and Halloween attraction in Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania. The creatures used in the film are the real haunters that work there. If you visit it, you will see the actual performers from this feature and 6 Degrees of Hell.




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